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Enklab project – Mythical media

Enklab Project – Mythical media (lire en français)

What is an Enklab?

Somewhere amid the drum circles of the Afro-Latin enclaves and influenced by the cry of indian revolt « inkilab zindabad« , this audio-visual performance is an invitation to dance and create a rhythmic atmosphere through live musical intervention. Emphasizing low-pitched sounds, ethnic vocals and percussive images inspired on global bass, each Enklab is an oasis of freedom and unwinding, offering a fleeting transformative ritual.


Since a first projection-jam at Casa Obscura in 2011, Enklab has evolved out of the dj sets during Afro-latin evenings in Montreal, through a global live-doc-jam treatment. Official VJ  for TAM- Talents autochtonnes Series #5 -for autochtone broadcaster APTN-, this journey of world sounds and images was initially proposed by Dani Rodríguez and has grown richer since 2014 with the participation of DJ Rhythm & Hues (Parker Mah), and his visceral selection of sounds from unlikely vinyls.


The clandestine Enklabs that have taken place:

Forum Social Montreal at S.A.T. 2016

Explodanse at Studio D, Spring 2016

Playback Theater Conference 40th Anniversary party, July 2015

La fiesta de la Place commune, mars 2015

The real Pachanga, Inauguration Studio D, mars 2015

Le retour des Big-bands – Clôture M pour Montréal (Par Girovago), Club Soda, 2014

Cuban Hat, Doc Circuit Montréal 2014

Fiesta Plein-air Spaxial 2014- Projet d’écologie urbaine EspaceX.

La señora Party, Inspecteur épingle août 2014

Lancement du Festival du film ethnographique UdeM 2013

Évênement spécial soirées RIDM 2012

Enklab DOC_Jam Projection Esperando el Tsunami, 2011

DJs résidents à la Sala Rosa pour les soirées mensuelles de la Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra!, 2012-2015

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