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Enklab project – Mythical media

Enklab Project – Mythical media (lire en français)

What is an Enklab?

Somewhere amid the drum circles of the Afro-Latin enclaves and influenced by the cry of indian revolt « inkilab zindabad« , this audio-visual performance is an invitation to dance and create a rhythmic atmosphere through live musical intervention. Emphasizing low-pitched sounds, ethnic vocals and percussive images inspired on global bass, each Enklab is an oasis of freedom and unwinding, offering a fleeting transformative ritual.


Since a first projection-jam at Casa Obscura in 2011, Enklab has evolved out of the dj sets during Afro-latin evenings in Montreal, through a global live-doc-jam treatment. Official VJ  for TAM- Talents autochtonnes Series #5 -for autochtone broadcaster APTN-, this journey of world sounds and images was initially proposed by Dani Rodríguez and has grown richer since 2014 with the participation of DJ Rhythm & Hues (Parker Mah), and his visceral selection of sounds from unlikely vinyls.


The clandestine Enklabs that have taken place:

Playback Theater Conference 40th Anniversary party, July 2015

La fiesta de la Place commune, mars 2015

The real Pachanga, Inauguration Studio D, mars 2015

Le retour des Big-bands – Clôture M pour Montréal (Par Girovago), Club Soda, 2014

Cuban Hat, Doc Circuit Montréal 2014

Fiesta Plein-air Spaxial 2014- Projet d’écologie urbaine EspaceX.

La señora Party, Inspecteur épingle août 2014

Lancement du Festival du film ethnographique UdeM 2013

Évênement spécial soirées RIDM 2012

Enklab DOC_Jam Projection Esperando el Tsunami, 2011

DJs résidents à la Sala Rosa pour les soirées mensuelles de la Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra!, depuis 2012

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